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Lung cancer kills more Americans than any other type of cancer. Since the symptoms of this disease usually first appear in its advanced stages, the chances of recovery in such cases are often quite poor. The five-year survival rate for lung cancer is only 14%

However, it’s estimated the survival rate may be increased to 80% through early detection and treatment.
CT Medical Examination for Early Visualization of Lung Nodules is the key to discovering these tiny nodules.


Lung cancer tumors are typically the size of a quarter by the time they are discovered through a conventional x-ray.  However, the new technology of the  64 slice CT scanner may detect tumors as small as a grain of rice.  By detecting cancerous tumors at an earlier stage, an individual’s survival rate is significantly improved. 

The Lung Scan
is a useful tool for the early detection of lung tumors and other abnormalities in people with any of the following risk factors:


·     Smokers (cigarettes, cigars, and pipes)

·     Exposure to second hand smoke

·     Exposure to cancer-causing agents such as asbestos,    ___radon and Agent Orange

·     History of tuberculosis or pneumonia

·     Family history of lung cancer.

·     You are over 60 years old