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Vascular imaging comprises imaging the major arteries coming off the aorta supply oxygenated blood to the head, neck, major organs in the abdomen, and the arms and legs.

The seventh leading cause of death, abdominal aortic aneurysm is a silent killer and can be easily diagnosed with our 64-slice CT scanner. Blood clots in the lungs (pulmonary emboli) or the legs (deep venous thrombosis) can easily be diagnosed during the same study.

Narrowing blood vessels in the vascular system to hypertension, erectile dysfunction and debilitating pain in patients with lower extremity arterial insufficiency. Early diagnosis of these narrowing can lead proper therapy and prevention of amputation. Patients who are diabetic, smokers, and hypertensive are at particular risk for narrowing blood vessels.

The advent of advanced multi-detector computerized tomography has positioned CTA as an extremely fast and accurate non-invasive most definitive method for evaluating patients for significant carotid artery disease, peripheral artery disease (PAD), Aortic aneurysms, and aiding planning for possible stent grafting artery stenosis. CTA Patients at risk for stroke are prime candidates for a CT scan of their carotid arteries. As with the heart, we can evaluate these vessels from any direction by digitally rotating the images. The technology is so superb that with the 64 CT scan, we can view a blood vessel that is only 1mm, or 1/50 of an inch, thick. Once an appropriate assessment has been made your physician can recommend the appropriate treatment for you.

PAD affects more than 10 million Americans every year and is seriously under-diagnosed and often mistaken for arthritis. Untreated, PAD causes leg and can lead to loss of a toe, foot, or even a leg. Our 64 CT scan can detect the smallest blockages in the arteries of the hands, arms, feet and legs. Early detection and treatment are often very successful in controlling PAD.