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HeartSavers™ CT 64 scanning is quick, non-invasive and provides very crucial early detection. There’s no excuse for not going to HeartSavers. Many people believe I’ve made a career out of taking risks. Not when it comes to my personal health. That’s why I made a point of going to HeartSavers’ Irvine location for a body scan. They have a first-class facility, the most advanced scanning technology available and a board-certified physician on staff who immediately discusses the test results with you. In today’s society, many life-threatening medical problems can be treated. If you love your family or even if you just love yourself, there’s no excuse for not going to HeartSavers. When it comes to your health, it doesn’t make sense to take risks.

– Mr. Lee Iacocca, Former Chrysler Chairman


During the scan I found that my heart was fine, but I had an endocarcenoma of the right lower lobe of my right lung. Because this was discovered at a very early stage, I was able to undergo surgery and removal of that lobe. The cardiologists at HeartSavers are very knowledgeable. They’re some of the finest medical doctors I’ve ever met in my life. I have six kids and six grandchildren. They’re happy Grandpa had the CT 64 scan, and so is Grandpa. HeartSavers saved my life.

– Jack Badorek, Chiropractor


When the doctor went over my CT 64 test results, he said I had a blockage in one of my arteries. So I changed my diet; I lost over 20 pounds. It gave me a new lease on life. I just want to tell everyone that they should do this. I don’t care what you’re doing … you can allow yourself that few minutes to find out where your life is.

– Ms. Jessie Lovelady, KRLA Radio Personality


Heart trouble and colon trouble both ran in my family, so I opted for the combination full body scan and the colonoscopy. I received peace of mind for both heart and colon.

– Mr. Ernie Fallico, Orthodontist


Over the past 15 years, our office has offered the most comprehensive executive physical examination available. During that time, we’ve worked with almost every scanning facility in Orange County, Calif. When we integrated the full body scan into our platinum health examination at the preventive healthcare medical center, I chose HeartSavers.

– James C. Lindberg, M.D., Medical Director of Preventive Healthcare Medical Center in Irvine


Came in for a Body Scan / Virtual Colonoscopy @ HeartSavers and his results showed significant calcification in his coronary arteries.   After consultation (he was interested in further investigating his situation non-invasively) it was recommended that he have an CT Angiography (CTA, non-invasive Angiogram) so we could check his arteries for any blockage in the areas that the procedure covered.

Upon review, Dr. Alimadadian saw significant blockage in multiple areas of Dr. Follico’s arteries. This warranted a traditional angiogram which confirmed that he did indeed have significant blockage that needed multiple bypass surgery.

Dr. Follico had quadruple bypass and is doing great. It is highly likely that if he were not to have a scan, that, given his highly calcified Coronary arteries, that Dr. Follico could have had a disasterous heart attack at any given time in the near future.

- Ernie Follico M.D.

Mr. Collins came to HeartSavers for a Heart Scan in 2000. He had a low calcium score and therefore low probability of a Cardiac incident.Had a heart attack in Jan 2002.
His insurance and his Dr.’s didn’t recommend an Angiogram.We mentioned to him that it would most likely be worthwhile.He felt the same way afterwards and came in for an CTA(CT Angiography) and his results showed significant blockage.
He then had a traditional Angiogram and received 3 stents. If not for his decision to have the CTA, he would have run the high risk of having a heart attack in the relatively near future.

- Paul Collins