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The 64 slice Computed Tomography (CT) system; also know as a “CAT Scan” is a medical diagnostic tool that allows the visualization of internal structures within the human body. This aids physicians in diagnosing disease, viewing internal abnormalities and assessing the extent of trauma damage.  The 64 slice scanner produces near perfect, three dimensional, high quality diagnostic images of the heart, aorta, lungs, abdomen/pelvis, and coronary circulation. The new scanner emphasizes a new level of patient comfort.  Testing is performed as an outpatient service; it takes seconds to produce images. The results provide physician's dynamic imagery that is four times more detailed than standard CT scanners.


"If you love your family or even if you just love yourself, there’s no excuse for not going to Heart Savers. When it comes to your health, it doesn’t make sense to take risks. "

-Mr. Lee Iacocca - Former Chairman of Chrysler 
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